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Strategic Consultation

Our strategic consulting services offer personalized digital solutions for branding, marketing, as well as high performance web design. We provide a roadmap to build customer loyalty, increase awareness, and optimize your lifetime customer value.

Website Design & Development

Adaptive design is the next generation of website design. It bridges the gap of responsive web design and mobility. We are proud to say that we have been one of the first web developers in Chicago to offer true adaptation for popular mobile devices.

Internet Marketing

Our internet marketing specialists cover organic as well as paid traffic sources for maximum visibility. Each and every marketing campaign is custom tailored to increase qualified leads, laser target your audience, as well building a lifetime customer base.

Analytics Solutions

Simple Sigma Analytics is built in to every website that we design. It enables us to gather customer intelligence by not only letting us know what is happening on your website but also who is doing it. All the metrics you need all in one place.
What our clients have to say…
Working with the Shkalix web design team has really made my life easier.  They work like a machine and dove right in to the project. I was really surprised on how much marketing (conversion optimization, product placement, retargeting) I learned from Shkalix. Andy, our project manager, really went above and beyond of what I had expected, very responsive. After working with a handful of local designers, Shkalix is one of the very few web design companies in Chicago that live up to their reputation.
-Bruce Tanaka

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Shkalix is your local Chicago web design company that helps your business grow. We work together to create an amazing web experience like no other. Creating a website is just the beginning of your online presence. Shkalix is the first and only Chicago Company that focuses on Customer Value Optimization. Research and analysis go in to every step before we even build the website. Results are our top priority; building beautiful websites in 2014 is not enough to convert your visitors in to lifetime customers.

If you have a website that was built over a year ago, chances are it is not fully optimized and actually costing your business money. Learn how we can help your business grow with a complimentary website design and implementation consultation.  We transmute your dreams in to reality – Never outsourced , Made in the Windy City of Chicago.

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We are proud of our many achievements such as the TOP 10 WEB DESIGN award by 10BestDesign we received last February.  Our team works tirelessly to become the top web design firms in Chicago. Our creative and heuristic approach set us above and apart from the competition. When every local web design firm was using responsive design technology, we realized that there has to be something better. We solved the problem by introducing adaptive design that organically morphs in to different mobile devices without lower the user experience by intuitive interface. Adaptive web design solves the problems that responsive design currently has. Investment into research has enabled us to become industry leaders  as well as trend setters in the website design arena.

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10 best web design award